URP Property Overview

University Research Park (URP) was organized in 1984 by then UW-Madison Chancellor Irving Shain and community leaders. University land no longer conducive to agricultural research was sold to University Research Park Inc., a separate non-profit entity that developed the land and leased it to companies interested in maintaining close contact with the university community. Today, the Park provides an atmosphere custom-designed to nurture a productive combination of economic and technological development.

Featured Projects:


Designed for start-ups that have outgrown smaller suites, the Accelerator building at University Research Park boasts cutting-edge, redundant air exchange systems, space designed for lab build-outs and features that shave thousands off energy bills. Accelerator


MG&E-Connector_thumb2MGE Innovation Center

In addition to providing land and infrastructure, University Research Park offers unique opportunities and incentives for start-up companies through specialized growth environments in the Park’s technology incubator, the Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) Innovation Center. MGE Innovation Center


Surrounding the MGE Innovation Center is the rest of the 260 acres set aside for University Research Park. Here, you’ll find companies that have outgrown the incubator or companies from outside of the Park that have chosen to construct their own facilities on parcels leased from University Research Park, Inc. There are 37 buildings today, including the MGE Innovation Center. Unlike most research parks, URP receives no city or state funds to support its infrastructure. On the contrary, URP pays property taxes to the City of Madison.

University Research Park, Inc., is not only self-sustaining, but returns all profits to UW-Madison research programs, which fuels the kind of technology transfer and economic growth that the Park encourages. The hallmark of URP’s operation and growth is a strong commitment to carefully planned responsible development in the context of a long-term outlook. University Research Park has been steadily attracting new tenants since its inception and is committed to to its mission of creating technology, growth, and career opportunities in Wisconsin and beyond.

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