Metro Innovation Center

Metro Innovation Center

Metro Innovation Center represents the Park’s presence in vibrant downtown Madison. The building and the neighborhood are fertile ground for nurturing entrepreneurial pursuits in a range of industries, including Information Technology, engineering, medical devices, and computer sciences.


  1. 1 GB dedicated UW data connection with 24 -7 monitoring
  2. Supported by MGE and FlexTec by ABERDEAN CONSULTING – Core and advanced IT capabilities

    • Reduce upfront capital investments and ongoing operating costs –economies of scale
    • Enable these companies to focus on their product development and not lose productivity maintaining their network systems.
    • Provide Enable companies to test their products separately from production/business systems

  3. Dedicated server room-powered and conditioned for company servers
  4. Two Conference Rooms and kitchenette
  5. Networked Copier/Scanner
  6. UW-Madison Library remote access

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