D2P accepting applications for the Igniter Awards

The Igniter Award Fund was established in 2014 to help bring ideas and innovations from the UW-Madison campus to the market.  The Igniter Awards are sponsored by the Discovery to Product (D2P) initiative at UW-Madison. D2P is, again, seeking applications for these Awards.

D2P will select another 10-15 projects for Awards and entry into the D2P commercial acceleration process.  Applicants must be unincorporated projects with at least one of the applicants having ties to UW-Madison.

Key points to be aware of in applying for an Igniter Award:

1.  Innovations that are assigned to formally registered or incorporated businesses are not eligible for Igniter funding.

2. Only UW-Madison students, staff, and faculty are eligible to receive Igniter Awards.

Deadline to apply is March 15, 2015.