In search of Wisconsin’s next big idea, investors get first look at promising new technologies

By Judy Newman, Wisconsin State Journal

Investors rubbed elbows with entrepreneurs as some of the state’s hottest young companies were showcased at the annual Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium at Monona Terrace this week.

With products ranging from medical devices to learning games, 28 companies were each allowed a five-minute presentation on Wednesday.

Among the pitches:
Drones and factory robotics are the first target markets for C-Motive Technologies, which has a novel type of electrostatic motor that can “revolutionize the way machines work,” CEO Justin Reed said.

He said the Madison company’s motors are 40 percent lighter than the standard type and can be made less expensively — even using 3D printing.

Linectra features a 3D printer for metal components that can be manufactured quickly. CEO Brandon Walker said the Madison company’s long-term strategy is to market its printer to the aerospace and medical industries.

Plastics are no longer the answer, said Walker, but 3D printed metal parts are “really the future of manufacturing.”

Nutrient Recovery and Upcycling wants to make the most out of bathroom waste. The Madison company salvages phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater for use in fertilizers. Read more …