Madison ranked 14th in the world for venture capital investments per capita

By Scott Resnick, Hardin Design & Development

venturecapitalWhen population is held constant, where does Madison rank among cities in the world for venture capital? Recent activity in the startup ecosystem would indicate that Madison ranks high but what cities are within our peer group? Who should we model?

Defying “startup clickbait,” renowned urban policy professor Dr. Richard Florida and his colleagues analyzed worldwide venture capital investment in tech startups cities. The findings, outlined in an article published in City Lab, note when one holds for population, proudly, Madison, Wisconsin boasts number 14 among the list of top 20 metros on a per capita basis in the world.

In the last five years, the buzz around Madison’s tech scene has reached record levels. The Madison metropolitan area received about $63 million dollars in venture capital, which is equivalent to $100 per capita. This ranks Madison close to the top ten for venture capital investment in the world– just behind Salt Lake City, Toronto and New York. Read more …

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