Semba Biosciences introduces a new multicolumn continuous chromatography platform; dramatically reducing the cost to develop and manufacture biological drugs

Semba BiosciencesSemba Biosciences is proud to introduce its versatile and easy  to use multicolumn continuous chromatography platform for process development and GMP compliant, single-use manufacturing.

Many of the latest drug candidates are antibodies and other proteins that hold great promise to  more effectively treat a variety of cancers and other diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis,  multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. These drugs currently are extremely expensive to  produce, in large part due to the chromatography steps required for their purification. Semba’s  continuous chromatography technology reduces the cost of these steps by as much as 80%.

Robert Mierendorf, Ph.D., President and CEO stated “We are thrilled to provide manufacturers  with the opportunity to lower drug costs and increase patient access to life-saving therapies. The  new systems are inspired by our Octave™ valve technology, which has proven to be robust,  versatile, and easy to use for hundreds of applications.”

Semba ProPD™ and Semba ProGMP™ Systems

These systems convert inefficient batch protocols to  highly productive continuous processes, while also  improving product quality and consistency. The patented  valve technology supports high flow velocities to  maximize productivity and dramatically reduce  chromatographic media costs. The control system  enables seamless transfer from process development to  manufacturing, which saves time when scaling up. The single-use flow path on the ProGMP System eliminates  the need for cleaning and validation between runs.