$2.3 Million Grant Supports UW System Math Initiative to Increase Student Success

The University of Wisconsin System has received a $2.3 million grant from Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates in support of its ongoing Math Initiative, a coordinated, systemwide effort. The Math Initiative is designed to help students complete—in their first year of college—relevant introductory mathematics education that aligns to their program of study and is guaranteed to meet a math requirement for students who transfer within UW System and remain in the same broad field of study.

“This grant allows UW System to build on work underway to place the right students in the right math courses at the right time,” said James P. Henderson, UW System Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. “For example, students in some fields of study will benefit more from an introductory statistics or quantitative reasoning course than from a college algebra course designed as a pre-requisite for calculus. Instead of defaulting to algebra for all, we must focus on the mathematics knowledge and skills our graduates will need to succeed in their chosen fields.”