INC. MAGAZINE: Why Madison, Wisconsin Attracts More Millennials Than Any Other City

By Jeff Barrett
CEO, Barrett Digital

How Madison’s talent base makes it a major player for attracting companies.

It took me 33 years to make it to Madison, Wisconsin, and I grew up a state away in Michigan. To be fair there is a giant lake between us. Why now? Madison has momentum.

It’s Top 5 in software publishing job concentration and developer salaries while still being 2 percent below the national average for cost of living. That’s a rare combination. It’s Top 10 in best cities for young entrepreneurs. And Madison has the highest concentration of Millennial talent in the country.

Madison surprised me, in a good way. It’s the smallest big city in America and I mean that in the best possible way. It’s a Top 15 global city in access to venture capital per capita because of its connectivity.