Beth Donley

Stemina’s Beth Donley – Best of Madison Business 2019: Leaders with 20/20

Stemina Biomarker Discovery’s roots are in stem cells, one of the pillars of Madison’s standing in the bioscience world. After eight years as general counsel and director of business development for the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, or WARF, Beth Donley founded Stemina in 2006 with University of Wisconsin–Madison scientist and pioneer stem cell researcher Dr. Gabriela Cezar. Within three years Stemina’s first product hit the market and the company took off, growing its team and expanding its drug-screening technologies to diagnostic biomarker discoveries in autism, cancer and reproductive biology.

Any conversation about Madison’s business scene today must include the incredible performance and potential of its health sciences sector. Stemina Biomarker Discovery, under Beth Donley’s leadership, is among the best of the bunch.