URP Tenant “GoDX” wins AGA Tech Summit’s Shark Tank Contest

BOSTON – At the 2018 AGA Tech Summit, this year’s Shark Tank line up included an automated system for video capture of endoscopy, a feeding tube that prevents aspiration in intubated patients, a tool to accurately measure polyps captured on colonoscopy, a device that targets gastrointestinal cancers with electrical pulses, and a new method for real-time stool testing of infectious pathogens.

The unanimous winner was Chang-Hee Kim, of GoDX, Inc. – a University Research Park Tenant, who presented a new rapid test for identifying infectious pathogens in stool. The sharks were looking for 1. Novelty/immediate patient impact, 2. Business plan, and 3. Pitch. While all of the participants were close, the immediate patient impact for Dr. Kim’s innovation gave him a leg up on his competitors.