Kevin Conroy

As Exact Sciences’ Sales Surge, CEO Reflects on 10-Year Turnaround

A decade ago, Kevin Conroy took the CEO job at Exact Sciences, a cancer diagnostic firm on the brink of death. Five years later, the FDA greenlit the company’s first product, Cologuard, which marked the first non-invasive, stool-based DNA screening test approved for detecting colorectal cancer.

In the five years since then, Exact (NASDAQ: EXAS) says it has screened 2 million patientsfor the disease. The Madison, WI-based company has grown to more than 1,600 employees and almost $500 million in annual revenue, and it currently sports a market value of more than $11 billion.

“Looking back, it’s incredibly gratifying, particularly in light of the impact that we’re seeing today,” Conroy (pictured above) says in an interview, reflecting on Exact’s journey over the past 10 years.