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New summer menus available from 12th Sept.

Last Friday was Mark Bugher's final day on the job as director of University Research Park. He has headed it since leaving Governor Tommy Thompson's administration, for which he served as secretary of the Department of Administration.

After Tony Kolton sold his software company -- Logical Information Machines – in 2009, he sailed in the Caribbean and enjoyed other recreational pursuits. But it didn’t take the 59-year-old Kolton long to grow bored. With an interest in biotechnology, he turned his attention to the potential of stem cell therapies and founded Regenerative Medical Solutions in January of 2012. The startup, based at University Research Park in Madison, is working to help cure diabetes.

A recent study by the Progressive Policy Institute identified Madison as one of the nation's 25 leading locations for technology. The research was based on the number of high-tech information jobs in each location, putting Madison in the company of traditional technology powerhouses such as Seattle and San Francisco.

Mr. Fixit will clear out his UW-Madison Research Park desk Nov. 1. But Mark D. Bugher won't hang up a “gone fishing” sign. He's not retiring. He'll spend part of winter in warmer Arizona, sort through all the consulting and professional offers that will be coming, and he and his wife, Kate, will spoil their two granddaughters, ages 7 and 2, even more. He'll continue to serve as a director on corporate boards such as Marshfield Clinic's.

MADISON.COM - Irish biotech company GenCell Biosystems Ltd. has opened a two-person U.S. office in Madison’s University Research Park, with plans to hire a few more people in the coming 12 months. GenCell, an analytical-instrument maker based in Limerick, employs 30 people in Ireland, where it was formed in spring 2011.

MADISON, Wis. – University Research Park today announced that GenCell Biosystems Ltd., Limerick, Ireland, will locate its U.S. subsidiary in the park’s MGE Innovation Center. The decision comes after a lengthy selection process that included some of this country’s largest metropolitan areas and most successful...

The new University of Wisconsin-Madison chancellor visited University Research Park (URP) September 19 to discuss innovations in the biotech sector. Dr. Rebecca Blank, who recently embarked on her first year as chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, chaired her first board meeting of the URP Trustees,...

Governor Scott Walker spoke on the relationship between higher education and economic development. Walker says, "Research and innovation fuel new business ventures, and investing in this partnership is essential for growing our economy."