Bringing delight by investigating a no-melt ice cream

On a hot summer day, nothing hits the spot quite like ice cream, especially here in the Dairy State. But while a frozen treat can help you cool off, it also puts you in a race against the clock to finish your scoop before it becomes a puddle — or worse, a sticky mess coating your hands, favorite shirts and new jeans.

Cameron Wicks, a PhD student in the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Department of Food Science, is working on a new technology that adds naturally occurring compounds to ice cream to prevent it from wreaking so much havoc.

“When you have normal ice cream, it will become a puddle of liquid in no time,” says Wicks. “However, we learned that adding polyphenols to ice cream can create a product that holds its shape for over four hours at room temperature. That’s pretty close to a no-melt ice cream.”

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