UW Madison Technology Transfer Team

Technology transfer includes both educating students who transfer what they have learned to the commercial sector and, as more commonly defined, moving technological advances (ideas, products, processes) into the private sector where they can be commercialized to produce new products and processes or used to improve existing ones.

Clearly, the major role of the university is to educate students; a research university also has the role and social responsibility of ensuring that research advances reach the public through technology transfer.

To facilitate technology transfer on our campus, the Technology Transfer Team, which includes faculty, staff and representatives of UW-Madison Office of Business Engagement, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), and University Research Park, advises the vice chancellor for research on policies and processes designed to help inventors transfer their technology in an effective, efficient and ethical manner.

In accomplishing this, it is the Tech Transfer Team’s goal to work with the state in utilizing university research advances to develop more thriving businesses and job opportunities in Wisconsin by addressing the following initiatives.

  • Develop Long-Range Technology Transfer Strategy, Including Facilities, Process and People
  • Create Environment Supportive of Faculty, Students and Staff Committed to Technology Transfer
  • Increase Funding for Research Ideas Leading to Technology Transfer
  • Extend UW Technology Transfer Connections Regionally and Globally
  • Provide Opportunities that Encourage High Tech Business and Employees to Locate in Wisconsin
  • Link Business with Technology Initiatives