University Research Park Accelerator

Designed for start-ups that have outgrown smaller suites, the Accelerator building at University Research Park boasts cutting-edge, redundant air exchange systems, space designed for lab build-outs and features that shave thousands off energy bills.

The 3-story, 80,000 square feet Accelerator
building offers a mix of shared resources,
value-added amenities and growth potential for specialized R&D facilities.


  • Mechanical equipment redundancy for reliability
  •  Unlimited HVAC zoning capacity
  •  Computerized monitoring for precision climate control
  •  280 to 400 tons of building cooling
  •  80,000 to 120,000 cfm of supply air
  •  4.0 million BTU to 7.0 million BTU of heating
  •  22,000 to 44,000 cfm of exhaust capacity
  •  2 megawatts of power; variety of voltage options

Other facilities appear less expensive but you won’t get lab-ready utility systems and building amenities such as highspeed data connections, conference rooms, kitchenettes and showers.

With an environmental design by Strang,the Accelerator building offers a growth path for companies, with suite sizes ranging from 3,600 to 6,000 or more square feet. Three floors of 25,000+ square feet can be equipped with BSL wet labs, clean rooms, fume hoods, and other amenities associated with science and technology requirements.


  • Shave thousands of dollars off energy bills
  • Energy savings sufficient to power 75 homes
  • Saves 32 tons of coal a year
  • Reduces green house gases by over 400 metric tons
  • Energy recovery exhaust systems to efficiently and economically heat

University Research Park [URP], established in 1984 and located three miles west of the UW–Madison campus, is home to more than 110 companies that employ over 3,500 people. One of the country’s most successful research and technology parks, URP has 37 buildings with more than 1.8 million square feet of office and laboratory space used by a broad range of early stage, and established companies—many in the biotechnology sector.

In addition to providing land and infrastructure, URP offers unique opportunities and incentives for start-up companies through specialized growth environments—providing an atmosphere custom-designed to nurture a productive combination of economic and technological development.


  • Solar building orientation
  • Maximum day-lighting and minimal energy consumption
  • On-site rain gardens and native plantings
  • Focus on Energy-Certified, redundant heating and cooling system
  • 100-person ground floor conference center with kitchen
  • Six 6- to 16-person conference rooms
  • Break rooms with kitchenette on each floor
  • Loading dock and receiving area
  • Racks for 20 bicycles
  • Shower facilities

Contact University Research Park at 608.441.8000 to learn more about Accelerator opportunities.

Download PDF of floorplan.