UW biochemist Ci Ji Lim named Pew Scholar

Ci Ji Lim, UW–Madison

Ci Ji Lim, UW–Madison

Ci Ji Lim, a University of Wisconsin–Madison biochemistry professor, has been named a Pew biomedical scholar by the Pew Charitable Trusts. He is one of 22 early-career scientists to receive the honor in 2024, joining the ranks of more than 1,000 Pew Scholars recognized since 1985 for their outstanding promise in science relevant to human health and with particularly creative and innovative approaches to their work.

“Pew believes that supporting promising early-career researchers is key to scientific innovation, and for nearly 40 years our scholars have helped change the world — creating lifesaving therapies and responding to emerging health crises around the globe,” says Donna Frisby-Greenwood, Pew’s senior vice president for the Philadelphia region and for scientific advancement. “This class of Pew scholars is no different. We are proud to support these scientists and look forward to watching where their research takes them.”

Pew scholars are chosen by an advisory committee of notable scientists and are invited to an annual meeting of their peers to discuss their research. They also receive $300,000 in research support over four years.

Lim’s research focuses on telomeres, the protective caps made of repetitive DNA sequences and proteins found at the ends of human chromosomes. Telomeres prevent the ends of chromosomes from being erroneously identified as broken DNA ends, which could lead to modifications that impair the DNA’s stability. Telomere length decreases as we age, and dysfunction in telomere formation and maintenance is associated with cancer and premature aging diseases.

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