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About the Park

Established in 1984, University Research Park, a University of Wisconsin-Madison affiliate, is an internationally recognized research and technology park that supports early-stage, and growth-oriented businesses in a range of sectors, including engineering, computational and life sciences. URP2, an extension of URP, is a commercial and residential “New Urbanist” development that aims for environmentally friendly, walkable neighborhoods where people can live and work.

URP and URP2 are in the business of building capital. For 30 years, the Park has fostered the social, human, and technology capital needed to create growth, career, and technological opportunities for Wisconsin and beyond.

iStock_000005299702Medium_thumbSocial Capital

A number of Park sponsored events provide abundant opportunities to socialize and network within a robust community of ideas and influence.


iStock_000020667306Small_thumbHuman Capital

The Park facilitates Wisconsin job growth through the attraction of innovative organizations that employ and retain high wage positions.


femaleScientist_thumbTechnology Capital

State-of-the-art facilities and access to UW resources give Park business residents the tools to develop groundbreaking products and services.


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