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Invenra lands $3 million

Invenra lands $3 million to fight cancer

Invenra, a Madison startup on a cancer-fighting mission, is boosting its treasury by $3.1 million.The money, from more than two dozen investors, according to documents filed with federal regulators, is part of a $6 million round the company plans to raise, co-founder and CEO Roland Green said. READ MORE

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JangoBio adding staff, expanding testing capabilities

A University Research Park based biotech startup with ambitious goals is adding staff and expanding testing capabilities as it seeks early-stage investment. JangoBio is trying to develop regenerative therapy products which would diminish the effects of aging caused by imbalanced hormones. By regrowing certain tissues in the body, the company seeks to recreate the hormonal […]

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Stratatech’s Dr. Lynn Allen-Hoffmann Awarded 2017 the Hector F. DeLuca Scientific Achievement Award

Dr. Lynn Allen-Hoffmann, Founder and former CEO of Stratatech Corporation, now a Mallinckrodt company; current Senior Vice President of Regenerative Medicine at Mallinckrodt; and Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at University of Wisconsin-Madison, will receive the Hector F. DeLuca Scientific Achievement Award, celebrating her exceptional success in developing regenerative medicine products that have the […]

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