A Force for Positive Change Award

A Force for Positive Change Award

Apply by September 15 to win one of four $25,000 awards!

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.09.50 AMWisconsin social enterprises are blurring the lines between traditional for-profit and nonprofit models. The competition and showcase event are intended to provide organizations with the opportunity to:

  • Highlight the innovative and impactful work taking place across Wisconsin
  • Expand their networks
  • Engage with funders, investors, policy-makers

Force for Positive Change Competition

The competition is intended to celebrate social enterprise in Wisconsin, including organizations that take a business model approach to making a positive difference in our state by deliberately addressing social challenges affecting people and/or the planet (i.e., double- or triple-bottom-line business models).

This competition is the brainchild of John and Tashia Morgridge, who are funding the inaugural awards.

Up to four winners will be awarded an unrestricted cash prize of $25,000 each and will be asked to present at the November 18 event.

The competition will proceed through two phases. Phase I applications are due September 15. Select applicants will be invited to continue to Phase II.

Entities eligible to compete must:

  • Be an incorporated enterprise (either a nonprofit entity or for-profit company) with a revenue-generating product or service already on the market or in use
  • Address a significant social and/or environmental challenge that exists in Wisconsin (that may also exist elsewhere) either through their products or services or through their operations
  • Have a staffed base of operations in Wisconsin

Awards will be presented at the Force for Positive Change event on Friday, November 18, in Madison, Wisconsin.