Alumni Webinar Series: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook

Alumni Webinar Series: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike any public health or economic disruption we have ever faced. Entrepreneurs are being forced to navigate a host of new and ever-changing business challenges. Dan Olszewski and Singari Seshadri provide advice and practical approaches to help entrepreneurs and small business owners survive the current environment and position their company to thrive in the future.

Health and economic uncertainty is high, which makes planning exceptionally challenging but presents the opportunity to scenario plan. Run through two different economic scenarios so you can see how your business would perform. Considering multiple scenarios will reduce the chance of being blindsided or surprised by any unwanted outcomes.

Survival is critical, but looking beyond the crisis is equally important. While there will be a time when this crisis is behind us, it will take a while and the world as we know it will look completely different.

Strong leadership is the single most important skill in the coming months. COVID-19 will be the greatest test of your leadership skills, and how you act can make the difference in whether your business survives in the long term. Know your stakeholders. Understanding their needs and concerns and how this crisis is impacting them will help you know how to communicate clearly, transparently, and often.

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