At New N+1 Institute, Industry Collaboration Shapes the Next Wave of Computing

N+1 InstituteThe pace of change is accelerating, but a novel industry membership model will enable the N+1 Institute to keep up.

For decades, the speed of computing advancement has accelerated year upon year, bringing innovation faster than ever before. Experts report we’re on the edge of a new artificial intelligence (AI) super cycle that will bring widespread impact to computing architectures, in turn leading to fundamental changes in both business and society. It’s a crucial time for all: Technology leaders want to stay in front of the opportunities and risks, while business leaders must adapt or risk being left behind. University researchers’ work has unprecedented potential for real-world impact, and students are increasingly in need of hands-on learning experiences to develop the latest specialized skills.

The N+1 Institute, a new interdisciplinary unit housed in UW-Madison’s Department of Computer Sciences, plans to address all this. The name is a nod to the idea that there’s always room to discover and improve — through multifaceted industry collaborations, the N+1 Institute “fuels research, education, and innovation in next generation computing systems.” In short: N+1 will solve tomorrow’s problems today.

As university leaders, industry members, faculty, and researchers prepare for the Institute’s official launch event on Monday, May 6, here’s a look at how they plan to achieve this vision.

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