BioForward Elevates Wisconsin Biohealth Ecosystem with Eau Claire Office Launch

Biofoward locations mapBioForward Wisconsin, a pioneering non-profit dedicated to advancing the state’s biohealth industry, proudly unveils its strategic expansion into Eau Claire. This pivotal move extends the organization’s unwavering commitment to empower and champion biohealth innovators and manufacturers across the expansive northwest and western regions Wisconsin.

The decision to anchor roots in these regions is a testament to BioForward’s commitment to fostering a vibrant biohealth ecosystem in Wisconsin. With a vision to establish a personalized medicine technology hub within the state, the establishment of the Eau Claire office marks a pivotal step towards achieving this industry-wide objective. It is also testament to BioForward’s dedication to fostering groundbreaking advancements in Wisconsin’s biohealth landscape, encompassing not just biohealth but also the critical sectors of manufacturing and biomanufacturing.

“Our vision is bold,” declared Lisa Johnson, CEO of BioForward. “We are resolute in creating a thriving and interconnected statewide network that fuels innovation, supports burgeoning startups, enables company expansions, and cultivates an agile, skilled workforce to drive the future of biohealth in Wisconsin and personalized medicine worldwide.”

At the helm of BioForward’s Eau Claire endeavor stands Maci Camara, appointed as both Eau Claire Office Director and BioForward’s Member Engagement Manager. Camara’s remarkable expertise, backed by a Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Genomics coupled with Life Sciences Communication from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, position her as an exceptional leader poised to drive initiatives in these critical regions.

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