CRISIS INNOVATORS – How 5 Wisconsin startups are fighting Covid-19

CRISIS INNOVATORS – How 5 Wisconsin startups are fighting Covid-19

vaccinesOver the last six months, Covid-19 has changed the lives of virtually everyone. Seemingly over night, we stopped working at the office, stopped visiting our favorite restaurants and began wearing masks everywhere we still had to go.

Like many other parts of the country, Wisconsin has been greatly imapcted by the virus, both from a health and economic standpoint. As of press time, there have been more than 75,000 cases of coronavirus in Wisconsin, and the state’s private sector jobs are down by more than 216,000 roles this year, according to Wisconsin’s Department or Workforce Development.

Throughout the turmoil, though, some of Wisconsin’s tech and startup companies have risen to the occasion to address some of the biggest issues facing society. To highlight Wisconsin tech and startup companies working diligently and swiftly to address Covid-related issues, Wisconsin Inno has curated a list of Crisis Innovators.

A Crisis Innovator is a company that is addressing the virus head-on, whether it be through developing a vaccine, designing Covid test kits or helping retailers abide by social distancing guidelines.

At their core, Crisis Innovators are working to keep people safe amid the virus, and improve the lives of everyone as we endure what is shaping up to be a long and frustrating era.

Shortly after the pandemic began, Madison biopharmaceutical startup FluGen started working with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and India-based Bharat Biotech to develop and test a vaccine for Covid-19.

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