D2P accepting applications for the Igniter Awards

D2P accepting applications for the Igniter Awards

The Igniter Award Fund was established in 2014 to help bring ideas and innovations from the UW-Madison campus to the market.  The Igniter Awards are sponsored by the Discovery to Product (D2P) initiative at UW-Madison. D2P is, again, seeking applications for these Awards.

D2P will select another 10-15 projects for Awards and entry into the D2P commercial acceleration process.  Applicants must be unincorporated projects with at least one of the applicants having ties to UW-Madison.

Key points to be aware of in applying for an Igniter Award:

1.  Innovations that are assigned to formally registered or incorporated businesses are not eligible for Igniter funding.

2. Only UW-Madison students, staff, and faculty are eligible to receive Igniter Awards.

Deadline to apply is March 15, 2015.