Dynamic duo: Mentors Susie and Matt Younkle to accept ‘Triple E’ award at Early Stage Symposium

Susie and Matt Younkle

Susie and Matt Younkle

Susie and Matt Younkle, who have launched companies and mentored scores of startups separately and together as husband and wife, will accept the “Excellence in Entrepreneurial Education” award Nov. 8 at the Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium.

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Also known as the “Triple E” award, the designation was launched by the Wisconsin Technology Council to highlight the importance of teaching and mentoring entrepreneurs. The selection of the Younkles by the 2023 conference steering committee was based on:

  • Delivering outstanding quality in teaching entrepreneurship and/or mentoring entrepreneurs, in or out of the classroom
  • Stimulating innovative methods for teaching or mentoring entrepreneurs
  • Promoting entrepreneurial education and mentorship among scholars, policymakers, practitioners and others
  • Providing a significant contribution to the development of best practices in the field


“Matt and Susie Younkle have touched scores of young companies over time, providing mentorship while drawing on their own diverse experience in starting and running companies,” said Tom Still, president of the Tech Council.

This award ceremony is sponsored by Madison Development Corp.

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