Equity an issue in arts education

Equity an issue in arts education

OlverandCheathamJennifer Cheatham, Madison Metropolitan School District superintendant and Aaron Olver, Managing Director of University Research Park recently sat down to discuss the need for a “multi-faceted, long-term view of arts in local education.”

Equity an issue in arts education

By Lindsay Christians, The Capital Times

When it comes to access to arts education in Madison, the message has been consistent for years.

The city has an abundance of resources for children to study the arts in school, from music programs to visual art classes, as well as theater programs and even some dance.

“Venture capitalists will try to get one home run out of ten, or maybe two out of ten. It’s really important for us to get used to the idea that in order to have home runs and wonderful outcomes … we have to have this tolerance for risk.” – Aaron Olver

But the same disparities that fall out along racial and socioeconomic lines affect access to the arts, too.

“There are rich resources available here in Madison,” said¬†Jennifer Cheatham, Madison Metropolitan School District superintendent. “We can help more students have access … connecting students that need it to the resources that already exist.”

Tuesday night in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art’s lecture hall, MMoCA convened about 80 arts leaders, administrators and educators for an evening discussion about arts in local public schools. Read more …