Exact Sciences to lease space in Black Business Hub, give $500,000

Exact Sciences to lease space in Black Business Hub, give $500,000

Exact Sciences joining Hub

Cancer screening company Exact Sciences, one of Madison’s largest employers, announced Thursday that it will lease a space in the forthcoming Black Business Hub and give $500,000 to support the project’s construction.

Scheduled to break ground this month at the corner of South Park Street and Hughes Place on Madison’s south side, the 76,000-square-foot facility will include offices, storefronts, co-working space, space for pop-up vendors and a shared commercial kitchen, all designed to give new and early-stage entrepreneurs of color the space they need to develop and grow their businesses.

The announcement deepens existing partnerships between Exact Sciences and Urban League of Greater Madison, which is spearheading the project. Since 2018, the two entities have jointly operated a job training program designed to prepare participants to work at the early-cancer detection company. To date, more than 120 people have graduated from the program, and more than 80% of them have received job offers.

“I think what the Hub is going to allow us to do is take our collaboration to that next level,” said Exact Sciences spokesperson Scott Larrivee, noting that the facility will feature spaces for co-working and community gatherings.

“There’s kind of impromptu opportunities that come up when people are in the same space … We just really want to be a part of that entrepreneurial ecosystem to try and get our company connected to new businesses and job seekers connected to Exact Sciences, and just continue investing in the community.”

The company plans to continue “investing heavily” in the joint job training program, Larrivee said. Being in the same space should also make it easier for potential job-seekers and others to learn more about the company.

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