Forward BIOLABS: A Journey of Innovation and Growth


Forward BIOLABS: A Journey of Innovation and Growth

forward-biolab-eventAs we celebrate Forward BIOLABS‘ fifth anniversary and its impact on the biohealth community, we must reflect on a remarkable journey of innovation and growth. From humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone of Wisconsin’s biohealth community, Forward BIOLABS has consistently demonstrated its commitment to supporting biohealth startups and driving scientific innovation. Let’s take a moment to celebrate their achievements, acknowledge their partners, and look forward to the future of biohealth innovation.


Celebrating Five Years of Impact


For the past five years, Forward BIOLABS has been on an incredible journey, bringing its vision to fruition and witnessing the impact of innovation through the science that startup companies have performed within its walls. Some key achievements (read the full Forward BIOLABS Impact Report here):

  • Over 40 startups have resided at Forward BIOLABS, conducting groundbreaking research and development.
  • These companies have attracted over $360 million in investment and grants, demonstrating the value and potential of the work being done within the Forward BIOLABS community.
  • Notably, every company that has graduated into its own space has chosen to remain in the greater Madison area, a testament to the supportive environment and opportunities offered by Forward BIOLABS.
  • Forward BIOLABS has become a case study in turnkey lab success for other regio