gener8tor announces fall 2015 gBeta cohort

gener8tor announces fall 2015 gBeta cohort

gBeta_logo_webToday gener8tor announced the participants of its second gBETA cohort, a new, pre-seed version of the nationally ranked accelerator program. gBETA provides intensive, individualized mentorship and coaching to its companies, as well as access to gener8tor’s network of customers, mentors and investors. The goal of gBETA is to help pre-seed stage companies gain early traction to help them compete for slots in full-time accelerators and begin the process of raising angel investment.

“These companies have made tremendous progress in just six weeks,” said Maggie Brickerman, Director of gBETA. “We hope the exciting traction they have been able to achieve with the support of the program will inspire other up-and-coming entrepreneurs to take the leap into startups.”

The program kicked off October 17th, and will close December 8th with a pitch night called LiveBETA to be held at the Brink Lounge. Anyone interested in attending this invite-only event should email

Fall 2015 gBETA Cohort Overview

23Vivi is an online marketplace for rare and limited edition fine art and digital fine art by professional artists. The 23Vivi online marketplace offers limited edition runs of 23 digital and traditional fine art pieces per artist. For its digital fine art offerings, 23Vivi utilizes blockchain technology to issue cryptographic certificates of authenticity to protect the intellectual property of artists and interest of buyers in owning authentic, one-of-a-kind digital fine art pieces.

Emonix’s wireless sensor attaches to commercial water softeners. It actively measures water hardness, and directs the softener to replenish with salt on an as-needed basis (rather than a timer). Emonix can save business owners up to 40% on salt costs.

Exis’ platform saves software developers time and money by eliminating the need to write repetitive network code, while also serving as a one-stop-shop for cloud-based microservices (e.g. user authentication). Developers rely on Exis to provide the secure communication between their mobile and web applications and servers in the cloud – currently a repetitive, error-prone process. Exis also hosts developers’ custom microservices in the cloud – a process that until now, required developers to know multiple programming languages. Exis means fewer bugs, more security, and shorter time to market for applications.

Seiva Technologies manufactures smart fitness apparel that provides athletes with real-time analysis on their muscle activity and movement patterns (e.g. range-of-motion, joint angles) during training. Seiva’s Trainer Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all of a trainer’s athletes, allowing them to manage team performance through a single interface.

Visual Bioscience supplies the vision research community with high-quality and consistent primary eye cell types from porcine (pig) eyes. These cells are highly similar in function to adult human material and are superior to existing cell models. Visual Bioscience’s cell products enable better research reproducibility and faster translation of research discoveries into therapies for patients.

About gBETA
gBETA is a free, six-week program that provides participants with intensive and individualized coaching and access to gener8tor’s network of mentors, customers and investors. The program is designed to help startups gain early customer traction on their product or idea, and establish metrics that make them competitive applicants for full-time accelerators or angel investment.

gBETA runs three times per year, and is capped at five companies per cohort to ensure a high level of individualized attention. gBETA companies must have at least one team member that is a student, recent alum, faculty or staff member at a college or university in Wisconsin. gBETA works with companies across all industries and business models. Startups interested in applying should contact Maggie Brickerman ( For more information, visit