Isomark makes its mark in health care

Isomark makes its mark in health care


Isomark-Canary-ModelA new breath-based test that can detect infection within two hours of its onset is well on its way to commercialization and public launch, thanks to continued innovation at Madison-based Isomark LLC.

Isomark was founded in 2007 after a group of scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison discovered a way to use breath markers to detect infections earlier in patients – even before they experience symptoms – and that a market existed for the test in hospitals.

The company anticipates launching its patented device, Canary™, for public use in 2017. This infection monitoring technology is based on metabolism, and once a particular shift in metabolism is detected, an infection is indicated.

The company is also developing a smaller version of Canary, which it hopes to launch at around the same time. Currently, Isomark is conducting research trials to get its products FDA approved.

“Perseverance is the biggest trait that an entrepreneur needs to have,” said Joe Kremer, chief executive officer of Isomark. “When issues come up, you have to view them as an opportunity for your strategy, goal and marketing plan.”

When forming the company, Kremer worked with WEDC consultants who helped him determine which resources he was eligible for and how the extra funding could help his startup business grow. Early on, Isomark was certified for $1 million in investment tax credits through WEDC’s Qualified New Business Venture (QNBV) program. As part of the program, investments in QNBVs made by angel investors, angel investment networks and qualified venture capital funds are eligible to receive a tax credit equal to 25 percent of the amount of the equity investment made in Isomark. Read more …