Isomark test detects infections two days before formal diagnosis


Isomark test detects infections two days before formal diagnosis

A device from a Madison-based startup has been shown to detect infections two days before they could be diagnosed in a clinical setting.

That’s from a recent study published in the scientific journal of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma. It focuses on the Canary, which was developed by Isomark to find certain biomarkers for infection by capturing exhaled breaths.

The study shows scientists accurately predicted which study participants would develop infections based on something called the breath delta value, or BDV. This represents the ratio of carbon dioxide in exhaled breath.

As infection sets in, changes in patients’ BDV occur before other physical symptoms of infection. Those changes can be tracked and used to identify infections earlier. In the study, scientists found the presence of infection up to 48 hours before it could be confirmed by other means.

“Many researchers and clinicians believe the ability to deliver early treatment will significantly change the current clinical dynamic of reacting defensively to infections,” said Joe Kremer, CEO for Isomark. “An early warning of a developing infection will enable a more proactive approach with the initiation of treatment very early in the infection’s development stage.”