Isthmus Project to Bring Innovative Idea to Reality


Isthmus Project to Bring Innovative Idea to Reality

UW Health has launched its new business and innovation accelerator, Isthmus Project

The program’s goal is to provide a front door for health system innovators – whether they be faculty physicians, pharmacists, residents, nurses, staff or others – to seek support for their creative ideas and projects that aim to achieve better health outcomes or to solve problems facing UW Health patients, providers and the health system but that are also scalable to create value beyond UW Health and UW-Madison, according to Thomas “Rock” Mackie, Isthmus Project director, and UW Health chief innovation officer.

“An isthmus is a bridge between two land masses,” he said. “Like an isthmus, our program is a bridge connecting an idea or innovation to the marketplace or bedside.”

The Isthmus Project is supported by UW Health and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, and is located in University Hospital, 600 Highland Ave.