Madison ranks first in tech sector job growth

Madison ranks first in tech sector job growth

By Rachel Sandler, USA Today

downtown-madison-wi-arts-entertainment-and-politics-1Although Silicon Valley remains a stalwart tech hub, metros like Toronto and Atlanta are breaking into the rankings of the best markets for tech jobs, according to a new study.

In Madison, Wisconsin the tech job market grew 5% in 2013-2014 and a whopping 30% in 2015-2016, making it the market with the most momentum.

And smaller markets — say Madison, Wisconsin — are showing up as locales with momentum as they rapidly increase their small communities of tech workers.

The secret weapon these cities all have in common: rents that aren’t through the roof.

An annual analysis released Tuesday from real estate and investment firm CBRE ranked the top cities for tech talent, based on factors including available workers and cost of living.

While the usual suspects — San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Washington, DC — constituted the top four, Atlanta and Toronto made the largest jumps to round out the top six. Both edged out the familiar high-tech hubs of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, Austin, Boston and Dallas. Read more …