Madworks Accelerator announces fall class

Madworks Accelerator announces fall class

logo-madworksMadworks Coworking’s accelerator program on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, announces the second class of companies to begin the program.

Madworks’ accelerator offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in an accelerator program that can provide up to $10,000 in funding as they seek commercial viability for their endeavors.

The accelerator is based on best practices of lean start-up. Entrepreneurs work with accelerator staff and mentors in seeking verification of the commercial viability of their business models. The team collaborates to set milestones, which will provide access to additional capital.

The fall 2014 class is as follows:

Aprasis transforms the design, manufacture, and assembly of flat pack structures by removing the fasteners, tools, and adhesives.

Bust the Rust
Bust the Rust, LLC is a clean tech company committed to the development and sale of nanoporous, anti-corrosion coatings that are thin, durable, and cost efficient.

Concinnity calculates teh quality of care that physicians provide so that physicians who provide better care can get paid more.

Drover is a parking application built to connect drivers with unused, privately-owned parking spaces.

Great Lakes SAN
Data’s safe harbor.

IGo VeGo
IGo VeGo handcrafts surprisingly delicious vegan burgers from fresh, organic, and local ingredients, while treading as lightly as possible on the planet as we can.

The Other Side
The Other Side, LLC develops golf maintenance products for improved greens quality.

Rally Energy
Rally Energy provides caffeinated mints that are free of the excess sugar, fillers, and additives present in most energy supplements.

Redox, 100health’s first product, provides integration support to the modern healthcare entrepreneur.

Serving Earth
Serving Earth is seeking to create a durable, reusable food-to-go box made out of post-consumer recycled material to replace disposable boxes in university dining halls, business cafeterias, and restaurants.

SVBTILE provides intelligengt and adapted music for “Brick and Mortar” medium/big companies, so they can improve their in-store experience.

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