Madworks Coworking announces Campus Accelerator class of 2014

Madworks Coworking announces Campus Accelerator class of 2014

logo-madworksMadworks Coworking, which is launching an accelerator program on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, announces its first class of companies to begin the program this summer.

Madworks’ accelerator offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in a summer accelerator program that can provide up to $10,000 in funding as they seek commercial viability for their endeavors.

The accelerator is based on best practices of lean start-up. Entrepreneurs will work with accelerator staff and mentors in seeking verification of the commercial viability of their business models. The team will collaborate to set milestones, which will provide access to additional capital for your efforts. At summer’s end, we will seek an additional round of funding.

The 2014 class consists of:

  • 900dpi LLC – 900dpi eliminates the setup and support hassle that comes with building websites as a freelance web designer or developer
  • BlueTipz LLC – Ice fishing hardware startup with smartphone connected alerting device that lets you catch more fish faster
  • CleMetric – CleMetric combines the power of streams computing, machine learning and visual discovery to develop advanced data analytics software for healthcare operations management and medical research
  • ConfPlus, Inc. – ConfPlus provides event mobile solutions to enhance the user experience for all event participants
  • Deneb Outdoors – Deneb Outdoors is an outdoor brand that is creating the next generation of outdoor products that are high performing, sustainable, and cost competitive
  • ivMD (planned company name) – We’re not a company yet, but we plan to make medical software that handles medical decision making for organ donors and other patient populations that are critically ill
  • Smart UQ – We feature the best-in-class analytics to significantly accelerate and enhance complex simulations
  • SELA Medical – SELA™ overcomes the limitations of current topical anesthetic applicators and offers healthcare providers a universal applicator with selectable spray options, enabling its effective use with both indirect and direct laryngoscopes, as well as other airway visualization devices
  • VoxDel – VoxDel provides data analytics software for customer analysis
  • ZeroNine – ZeroNine makes attorneys more effective at prior art search through a unique approach to search and various workflow improvements
  • Zuntik – Zuntik is an online calendar distribution tool that allows users to create, upload, and manage virtual calendars and share them with their communities