Startups selected to pitch at the Early Stage Symposium
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Startups selected to pitch at the Early Stage Symposium

Startups selected to pitch at the Early Stage Symposium

ess-banner-300x250The Wisconsin Angel Network Investors’ Track will feature presentations from 28 technology-based emerging companies from around the Midwest. Each company will have six minutes to present.

The following companies have been selected to present in the WAN Investors’ Track:

  •  a-Peer HG LLC: An IT and digital media company with a digital rights software platform aimed at building massive mobile market communities for both artists and companies. A-Peer Holding Group operates out of Madison. (
  • Brand XLerator: A Milwaukee company with a video and podcasting platform for small to mid-sized organizations intended to make video and audio management less complex. (
  • CardioPoietis: A Wauwatosa, Wis.-based biotechnology company developing a drug intended to reduce damage to the heart during heart attacks, and to the brain during a stroke.
  • Cellara LLC: A biotech company currently developing a table top personal automation system for stem cell culture and cryopreservation. Cellara operates in Madison. (
  • Centaur Systems: A Madison based company with a software development platform and router that minimizes device interference and is intended to improve home automation.
  • Digsite Inc.: A company from Madison with a market research software product aimed at streamlining the hassle that comes with organizing and receiving feedback from research focus groups. (
  • Fiberstar Bio-Ingredient Technologies Inc.: A food technology company from Eau Claire, Wis. that creates natural and eco-friendly food ingredients from fibrous waste materials. (
  • HealthMyne Inc.: A Madison-based company providing a search, analytics, and imaging (SAI) medical platform for better clinical decision support. (
  • Hydro-Lite: A company pitching a device that utilizes UV light and a hand-powered electrical source to create safe drinking water. Hydro-Lite operates out of Milwaukee.
  • IGXBio: A clinical stage biotechnology company working out of Kansas City, Kansas developing DNA-based therapies for treating viral infections, specifically HIV. (
  • Intellihot Green Technologies Inc.: An Illinois company that manufactures energy efficient tankless water and space heating solutions to industrial, commercial, and residential customers. (
  • Innovenn: A Madison company creating a data platform solution for rare disease tracking and optimization of treatment. (
  • Invenra: A Madison-based company offering a low-cost antibody screening platform intended to help identify antibodies for new biological drug development with rapid turn-around time. (
  • Isomark LLC: A medical device company founded in Madison that uses breath technology to detect infections up to two days sooner than standard methods. (
  • MobCraft Beer: A Madison-based company that crowdsourced customer ideas and votes to create unique craft beers. (
  • NitricGen Inc: A Madison company offering a device that administers a controlled dose of nitric oxide for the accelerated treatment of wounds, specifically targeting diabetic foot ulcers. (
  • OpenHomes: A Madison-based company providing a low commission automated real estate brokerage through an online platform. (
  • Organic Research Corp.: A Milwaukee company developing advanced software imaging tools to help pathologists identify disease markers quickly and with greater accuracy. (
  • Pan Genome Systems Inc.: A biotechnology company offering a vaccine that will assist in the control and prevention of Johne’s disease commonly found on dairy farms. Pan Genome systems operates in Madison. (
  • Pinpoint Software Inc.: A Whitewater, Wis. company with a workflow management mobile platform, called Taskle, intended to increase efficiency of daily store audits and task management. (
  • Project Foundry: A Milwaukee company building a workflow engine that helps teachers and educational administrators more efficiently track individual student project-based learning and overall student progress. (
  • Quietyme Inc.: A Madison-based company offering a sound monitoring wireless device that allows a pro-active approach to noise control and complaints. (
  • Sensori: A Madison company creating a software application used with a device to track and provide feedback for performance athletes. (
  • SmartUQ: A Madison-based proprietary software analytics company providing faster simulation software for the global market with a comprehensive list of analytics. (
  • Spectrom: A 3D printing company in Madison developing full color 3D printing technology for personalized manufacturing. (
  • Swallow Solutions LLC: A medical device company developing a rehabilitation solution that eases swallowing for individuals who suffer from Dysphagia. Swallow Solutions operates in Madison. (
  • WatrHub Inc.: A Milwaukee based data mining and analytics company providing tailored market intelligence to prospective firms in the water industry. (
  • Web Racing Inc.: A Madison-based company developing a virtual reality gaming system to be used on fitness equipment that allows users to visualize their exercise in real time and track performance. (

– University Research Park is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Early Stage Symposium.