NCD Technologies Officially Recognized on R&D Magazine’s 100 Awards List for 2013

NCD Technologies Officially Recognized on R&D Magazine’s 100 Awards List for 2013

NCD Technologies, a rising star in nano technologies, is proud to announce that their Nanocrystalline Diamond Pretreatment (NDP) an innovative and unprecedented process for applying diamond coatings to extremely small tooling, has been selected by R&D Magazine’s 100 list for technological excellence.

NCD Technologies’ coatings are the result of a state-of-the-art pretreatment process for applying diamond coatings to extremely small tooling. This advanced process adds precision, longevity and efficiency to the tools and the machining operations they support. The coated tooling can run at faster feeds/speeds due to the reduced coefficient of friction, which in turn increases material removal that is imparted by the thin diamond coating. This reduces the time to make the part to six days instead of eight, and because the diamond-coated tool maintains its precision for a much longer duration of time, less tool change-out is required, further reducing the part fabrication time. In sum NDP technology saves time and money whilst elevating the standard and quality of work being done, not only solving current problems, but also catalyzing the growth and development of the industry.

Patrick Heaney, PhD in Material Science Engineering, inventor of the advanced pretreatment, and his team are thrilled with the award.“We are excited to have been chosen as a recipient of this award. This further validates the importance of our technology and it clearly shows that NCD Technologies Diamond Coatings are not only for the micro tooling industry but as a stand-alone platform technology.”

For the present, the burgeoning company is beginning to generate long-term viability through common ground objectives with leaders in specific industries. Appealing to their specific technical needs, NCD plans to supply integral advancements not only to existing tooling, but to add technology for future advancements, and more interactive nano technologies.

About R&D Magazine’s 100 Award List:
Dubbed the “Oscars of Innovation”, the prestigious R&D 100 Awards recognizes and praises the top 100 technology products of the year. Past winners have included sophisticated testing equipment, innovative new materials, chemistry developments, biomedical breakthroughs, consumer discoveries, and state-of-the-art physics. The R&D 100 Awards span myriad industry, academia, and government-sponsored research.

About NCD Technologies:
NCD Technologies was founded in Madison, Wisconsin, to create an advanced nanocrystalline diamond pretreatment process for applying diamond coatings to a host of micro machining applications. NCD’s coating technology is a platform technology that can be utilized in a number of industries including; medical, aerospace, and mobile technology manufacturers who are faced with the challenge of delivering ever smaller and more precisely built devices to meet global consumer demand.