New UW chancellor visits URP

New UW chancellor visits URP

The new University of Wisconsin-Madison chancellor visited University Research Park (URP) September 19 to discuss innovations in the biotech sector.

Dr. Rebecca Blank, who recently embarked on her first year as chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, chaired her first board meeting of the URP Trustees, and toured URP to learn more about some of the 100-plus companies that call Research Park home.

“We were pleased to have Dr. Blank see, first-hand, the exciting, cutting-edge work that’s being done at URP,” said University Research Park Associate Director Greg Hyer. “We pride ourselves on providing world-class resources that attract topflight talent in a range of scientific and technological sectors.”

Dr. Blank, spent time at Stratatech with its founder, CEO, and chief scientific officer, Dr. Lynn Allen-Hoffman who is also a Professor of Pathology at UW-Madison. Stratatech’s proprietary product is StrataGraft, a skin substitute developed from a human cell line that produces living tissue nearly identical to human skin. The technology has the potential to revolutionize wound care.

“Stratatech is but one of many innovative companies developing revolutionary technologies in the Park,” Hyer said. “We look forward to working with Dr. Blank to build upon the momentum of world-class research being facilitated here.”