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Meet the companies that call University Research Park home.

University Research Park is home to over 126 companies and over 3500 employees.


The companies are a unique blend of talented researchers and aspiring companies all striving for innovation in their designated discipline.


While the Park is made up of many individual companies, it functions as a community with encouraged cooperative communication between the tenants.

AmebaGone Inc.

Contact: Marcin FilutowiczWork 510 Charmany Drive Ste 58 Madison Wisconsin 53719 Website:

AmebagGone Inc. is pioneering novel biocontrol methods harnessing natural predators to thwart bacterial pathogens in plant, animal and human health and in industrial applications. Ultimately, this technology will provide safe, natural solutions to antibiotic resistance.

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510 Charmany Drive Ste 58 Madison Wisconsin 53719