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University Research Park is home to over 126 companies and over 3500 employees.


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While the Park is made up of many individual companies, it functions as a community with encouraged cooperative communication between the tenants.

BioSentinel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Contact: Ward Tucker
505 S. Rosa Road, Suite 105 Madison WI 53719 Work Phone: 608.441.8172Website:

Biographical Info

BioSentinel, Inc (BioSentinel) designs rapid, sensitive tests for the detection of botulinum neurotoxins (BoNTs) as required by the US Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security to protect the nation from intentional misuse of these Class A bioterrorism agents. BioSentinal’s proprietary rapid detection technology also addresses the needs of pharmaceutical companies who sell botulinum neurotoxin for FDA-approved cosmetic and therapeutic applications.

BioSentinel has a vigorous research and development program that includes a stat-of-the -art laboratory in Madison, WI, and partners throughout the US and worldwide. BioSentinel maintains active collaborations with the National Wildlife Health Center, the US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (Aberdean Proving Grounds, MD), and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Biosentinel is also partnered with private companies who share BioSentinal’s goals of developing innovative technologies/platforms for the detection, characterization, and qualifications of BoNTs. The BioSentinel tea, is uniquely qualified to design BoNT detection technologies for both biodefense programs and pharmaceutical uses and applications.

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