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Meet the companies that call University Research Park home.

University Research Park is home to over 126 companies and over 3500 employees.


The companies are a unique blend of talented researchers and aspiring companies all striving for innovation in their designated discipline.


While the Park is made up of many individual companies, it functions as a community with encouraged cooperative communication between the tenants.

Tosh Biosciences Wisconsin

Contact: Lisa Anderson
601 Science Drive, Suite 110 Madison WI 53711 Work Phone: 608.441.8009Website:

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Semba Biosciences manufactures instruments and consumables for purification of chemical and biological compounds and provides contract purification services.

Semba Biosciences Inc. is a life science company based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Founded in 2005, the company pioneered the development of bench top continuous chromatography systems. We provide innovative instruments, reagents and methods for efficient and scalable purification of biomolecules and chemicals to the worldwide research community.

Our Octave™ line of Chromatography Systems, Pumps and accessories provides a new level of reliable, precise and cost effective means of separation perfectly suited to your most challenging separation needs.

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