Returning vets fill the labor gap

Returning vets fill the labor gap

By Joe Van Den Plas, InBusiness

JimBlair_IBEach day, 550 service members leave the military and return to civilian life, but one does wonder whether civilian life is actually tougher than non-combat service in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Air Force.

That’s because there is still some reluctance by employers to hire them, partly because employers don’t always understand how their skills translate to the private sector. In some cases, this particular misunderstanding can loom over the mission-focused advantages veterans bring to the civilian workforce.

Military skill might not be directly transferable to some of the work [veterans] do outside the military, but the experiences of what they went through are really good skills.
– Jim Blair, Aberdean Consulting

When a business hires a veteran, it’s getting a mission-focused self-starter with a strong work ethic and leadership qualities that, in many cases, have been learned the hard way. Read more …