Stratatech reaches milestone in tests on its human skin therapy

Stratatech reaches milestone in tests on its human skin therapy

By Judy Newman, Wisconsin State Journal

Human skin tissue made by Stratatech Corp. healed the wounds of nearly 30 patients with deep burns at least as well as their own skin did, even when the therapeutic tissue had been stored for months, the Madison company said Tuesday.

In the study, the patients were treated with StrataGraft at one burn site and a graft of their own healthy skin, called an autograft, at a comparable burn site.

After three months, StrataGraft skin tissue completely closed the burn injuries on 27 of 28 patients for whom data was available. The other patient was 85 percent healed.

StrataGraft DNA could not be detected after three months, “confirming the patient’s skin had been regenerated with their own cells,” Stratatech said.

There was no sign of infection at the StrataGraft site, and, in fact, the StrataGraft tissue site looked better than the autograft in some cases, the company said.

The results “far exceeded our expectations,” said Stratatech chief executive and chief scientific officer Lynn Allen-Hoffmann. “This is the first severe burn therapy that has shown the potential to avoid painful skin transplants and regenerate the patient’s own skin.” Read more …