Tech Council recommends policy changes in white papers report


Tech Council recommends policy changes in white papers report

The Wisconsin Technology Council is recommending a host of policy changes in this year’s white papers report, including a new tax credit to incent employers to invest in their own workers.

Some previous recommendations have recently been passed into law, including the expansion of the state’s investment tax credits law and the elimination of a fee on capital raised by certain early-stage companies.

“Some might suggest bold ideas won’t fly in Wisconsin for political or budgetary reasons. Our own history suggests otherwise,” report authors said.

Suggestions in this year’s report roughly fall into four categories: workforce, investment, tech infrastructure and entrepreneurism.

“The ideas offered in our 2018 white papers will continue the public discussion about improving the state’s tech-based economy,” said Greg Lynch, chairman of the Tech Council and senior partner at Michael Best. “As the state weighs its budget priorities for the next two years, policymakers deserve to hear ideas that focus on the creation of next-generation jobs for Wisconsin — and keeping our best and brightest young people at home.”