The Bucky Effect: UW-Madison’s impact on Wisconsin’s economy

The Bucky Effect: UW-Madison’s impact on Wisconsin’s economy

By Jenny Price, UW-Madison

An iconic "W" banner hangs between the columns of Bascom Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Nov. 10, 2007. ©UW-Madison University Communications 608/262-0067 Photo by: Bryce Richter Date:  11/07    File#:   D200 digital camera frame 6778A newly released report points to UW–Madison’s impact on the state.

Call it the Bucky effect.

UW–Madison — along with its affiliated organizations and start-up companies — has a $15 billion impact on Wisconsin and supports 193,310 jobs, according to new data released this spring.

The report from NorthStar Consulting Group highlights the importance of the university to the state’s financial well-being during an ongoing and vigorous public debate about how big a cut the UW System can withstand in the coming two years to help balance the state budget.

UW–Madison’s economic impact on the state was measured in two ways. The first is direct spending by faculty, staff, students, visitors, and university operations. Visitors alone spend more than $650 million a year. Direct spending includes $234 million on food, $122 million on construction, $101 million at eating and drinking establishments, $100 million on insurance, and $77 million on auto repair and service, and $62 million given to churches and charities. Read more …