Third M+DEV Conference Planned for Valentine’s Day

Third M+DEV Conference Planned for Valentine’s Day

Felix Kramer

M+DEV 2020 Keynote Speaker: Felix Kramer

Freelance Producer Felix Kramer to Keynote

The Wisconsin Games Alliance (WGA) and the Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP) announced that the Third Annual M+Dev Conference will be held in Madison on February 14, 2020. The conference expects to attract more than 400 game developers from across the Midwest to the Alliant Energy Center.

The inaugural M+DEV Conference offered an opportunity for many of the Midwest’s game developers to come together in one place, creating a unique experience in 2017, and attendees were eager to return in 2018. Game developers for all platforms are welcome as well as creators of board games and card games.


Felix Kramer is a freelance producer, PR, and business developer who has collaborated with indies and small publishers for the past nine years. They work from their home in Canada with teams all over the world, with the goal of making business and production in indie more accessible and available to small teams. Currently they work with Finji (Overland, TUNIC), Shedworks (Sable), Panic (Untitled Goose Game), and Polytron (FEZ). Past collaborations include Night School (Oxenfree), Chance Agency (Neo Cab), and Iron Galaxy (Videoball, Capsule Force).