Training the next generation of science leaders at Morgridge

Training the next generation of science leaders at Morgridge

Scientific training is much more than learning experimental methods or interpreting data. When postdoctoral trainees enter the workforce, they will become faculty, science managers, and company leaders. They require management, leadership, collaboration, and communication skills to be successful, and we are committed to supporting their growth.

The Morgridge Institute is committed to fostering growth of “whole scientists,” with scientific training that prepares them as science leaders. And, because of our close affiliation with UW–Madison, the institute is committed to enhancing the research and educational mission of the university.

We not only press the boundaries of biomedical research–we also mold the next generation of fearless scientists who will carry that mantle in the future.

Morgridge fellowships promote new connections with UW–Madison
In 2015, we created the Morgridge Interdisciplinary Fellowship designed to promote new collaborations between institute investigators and UW-Madison faculty. To be eligible for the fellowship, the candidate must be advised by a Morgridge investigator and a UW–Madison faculty member who have not worked together before, and the project must be a new line of inquiry for the team.

The program has been wildly successful: More than 50 new linkages have been created between investigators who had not worked together before. These projects have connected Morgridge to more than 20 departments throughout the university in seven schools and colleges. To date, the 21 fellows have produced almost 80 unique publications. Today, 18 of the projects are still active, many having received additional funding.

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