Undergraduates present research on everything from mental health to ticks to stress


Undergraduates present their poster projects during the 25th annual Undergraduate Symposium held at Union South. PHOTO: BRYCE RICHTER

At the 25th annual Undergraduate Symposium held at Union South on April 28, UW–Madison students showcased their research from all areas of study.

“Presenting at the symposium made everything come together for me, and I felt a lot more confident in discussing what I did,” said Ashton Jenks, who presented last year about Epigraphic transitions with the Palmyrene Aramaic Inscriptions project, and who was a moderator at this year’s symposium. “Sometimes you don’t fully realize how much of an expert you have become until you talk to others outside your little research bubble.”

A sampling of the students and their projects:

  • Siena Laws and Elizabeth Liu: Promoting mental health at East High
  • Magic Vang: Hmong and tick-borne diseases
  • Hanna Malek Noughani: Obesity and dementia connection
  • Ezra Jarzembowski: Effects of chronic stress


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