UW–Madison’s Economic Impact

UW–Madison’s Economic Impact



UW–Madison’s $30 Billion Impact on the Wisconsin Economy


UW–Madison, UW-affiliated organizations and UW-related startups contribute $30.8 billion per year to the Wisconsin economy, according to a February 2021 report issued by Northstar Analytics, LLC. This economic activity supports more than 232,000 jobs and generates $1 billion in state and local taxes.

This includes consideration of the direct activities of the university and UW-affiliated organizations as well as the economic activity generated by UW students and visitors. The study also reports on the growing economic impact from UW-related startups that originate from UW research and/or are created by UW faculty, staff, and alumni. This area of economic impact was first reported in the 2015 economic impact report and has grown to such an extent that it deserves a separate accounting.

Read the report (PDF).

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