UW’s Rothman touts undergrad research during showcase event

UW event - RothmanUniversities of Wisconsin President Jay Rothman says undergraduate student researchers are preparing to fill jobs and address challenges that don’t yet exist, giving them an edge in the future workforce.

Speaking yesterday during the UW’s 20th annual 2024 Research in the Rotunda event, Rothman said research projects like the ones showcased in the state Capitol teach students how to “use innovative and creative thought along with data” and problem solving skills.

“This experience gives our undergraduate [researchers] the kind of experience, knowledge and skills that will make our students sought after by employers, as well as — and I’ve had a chance to speak to a number of them today — graduate schools,” he said. “Which is a great thing.”

He also touted the role of research in developing high-tech industries and creating new business startups.

Yesterday’s event featured findings from more than 150 undergraduate student researchers across the Universities of Wisconsin, giving lawmakers and others a chance to learn about the work they’ve been doing. Projects cover a wide range of topics, from AI and advanced farming technologies to financial literacy education, breast cancer development and much more.

Read more, including link to video of Rothman’s remarks and full list of research projects.